About this site

Why this site? I feel compelled. The madness that surrounds me and which grows more and more mad each day forces me to speak my mind before all is lost.

We in the West have been made to feel guilt for our successes, shame for our victories. People with white skin, especially males, are being taught to hate themselves, and their women are taught to hate them even more. Basta!

I loathe any idea that one race is ontologically superior, more beloved by God, than another. But I refuse to say nothing while Europeans and people of European descent (“EEDs” here on out) are expected to stand shamefaced while the rest of the world points fingers and accuses “white people” of every evil under the Sun when it it precisely the Western world that has brought about ideas of liberty, gave birth to science, gave rise to a civilization that built the great cathedrals, universities, libraries, and hospitals. It is through traditional Christianity — i.e., Catholicism — that the ideas of the importance of the individual and of the family, of restrained government, and of honoring the human dignity found in the weakest among us came about. It is the West that came up with orphanages and soup kitchens. It is the West that ended slavery, which rages on, even now, in Africa and the Middle East today. It is the rest of the world that “culturally appropriates” the West’s antibiotics, air conditioning, washing machines, smart phones, flush toilets, sewer systems, X-ray machines, MRI machines, sonography, television, radio, etc, almost ad infinitum — and uses the West’s internet to make their incessant slurs against us.

To wit, this blog will consist of open letters to the world, in defense of the West, of EEDs, and of sanity.